Learn to Row
Rowing is a great sport either for fun or competition. It will provide you with good exercise and fitness throughout the year and a chance to meet new friends from all walks of life.

It is a sport that exercises more muscles than any other, and constantly supports the body weight, placing less strain on joints and making it a sport suitable for any age group.

To row you need good 'kinaesthetic co-ordination' - you know, where your limbs are in relation to your body! This is a much more common skill than good 'hand to eye co-ordination' so if you can't catch, hit or kick a ball then you really want to start thinking about practicing your sport sitting down.

Most training will be out on the Water subject to weather conditions. However, in the winter months training in the evenings will be Land Training including Circuits, Weight Training, Ergo (rowing machine) and Running for general fitness.

On the water, it is best to wear many layers of thin tops that can be peeled off as you get warmer through the session. It is also advisable to bring a towel and a change of clothing especially if its raining. Shoes are bolted onto the foot stretchers in the boat.

For Land Training you will require general training kit. For example, T-shirt, shorts or leggings, socks and trainers. At Regattas, all rowers must wear the Club Kit when racing.

You MUST be able to swim 50m unaided.

When attending your first session:

  • We ask for a nominal fee of £10.00 to cover costs
    (if you like it and choose to become a member, this will be deducted from your first annual subscription);
  • Please download and bring along a completed Application Form.

If you are interested please contact us for more information, and to arrange your first visit, by emailing info@torquayrowingclub.co.uk
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