Thatcher Rock 8k 2011 - Saturday 7th May 2011
Four clubs from across Devon took part including Teign Scullers, Exmouth Rowing Club, Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club (Plymouth) and ourselves. The conditions were the best we've had with a slight swell and a SE force 3-4 breeze. MP for Torbay Adrian Sanders presented the winning teams with trophies and pennants at the Royal Torbay Yacht club.

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The races and the results...

Ladies race Start: 12.30
Six crews: two Exmouth 4x+, Mayflower 4x+, Torquay 4x+, Exmouth 2x and Teign Scullers 2x

The Mayflower crew and the Teign scullers crew opted for a standing start on the line and all the other crews favoured a rolling start. Our Torquay crew were last off the start line with a slight mishap with their timings. The Crew of Tieneka Drew, Charlotte Smith, Ali Bennett and Izy Shaw with cox Katie Cudmore lost distance which they were unable to recover from. However they caught up and overtook the Exmouth double.

1 Exmouth A (4x+) 44:02
2 Teign Scullers (2x) 46:02
3 Exmouth B (4x+) 46:04
4 Mayflower (4x+) 47:47
5 Torquay (4x+) 50:43
6 Exmouth (2x) 53:20
Men's race Start: 2pm
Competitors: Torquay 4x+, Torquay 2x, Teign Scullers 4x+ and Exmouth 4x+

All crews took a standing start with the Torquay crew of stroke Ian Wilson, Jamie Dawe, Mike Cresser, Chris Akers and Katie Cudmore as Cox leading to the first mark followed by Exmouth and Teign scullers, and then the Torquay Double of Steve McGarry and Sam Rooney.

Exmouth's crew steadily drew alongside the Torquay crew and pulled away to round the rock around four to five lengths in front. The Torquay double had overtaken the Teign Scullers' quad to round the rock in third place. Concentration is the name of the game rowing with the swell over the 3.5km to a mark off Livermead head and then home to the finish line next to Haldon Pier.

1 Exmouth (4x+) 39:10
2 Torquay (4x+) 40:32
3 Torquay (2x) 47:34
4 Teign Scullers (4x+) 48:01

Mixed Race Start: 3.30pm
Competitors: Exmouth 4x+, Mayflower 4x+ and Teign Scullers 4x+

This was a closely fought race up to Thatcher Rock with Exmouth leading Mayflower and Teign Scullers. After the turn at the rock Exmouth pulled out a commanding lead in front of the second crew from Mayflower who were about the same distance in front of the third crew from Teign Scullers.

1 Exmouth (4x+) 43:26
2 Mayflower (4x+) 44:52
3 Teign Scullers (4x+) 45:28
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