About Us
Torquay Rowing Club is the oldest sporting club in Torbay, founded in 1869.

Although boats and equipment have changed dramatically during its long history, the aims of the club remain the same: To foster the sport of amateur rowing and to provide amenities for it's members.

The original premises were situated under the Marine Spa complex a few yards from the current Boathouse at the end of Beacon Quay.

The club has been affiliated to the Royal Torbay Yacht Club since the early 1980s. As a result, all Torquay Rowing Club members are also members of the yacht club and enjoy full use of the facilities it provides.

Rowing facilities provided to members include the use of Fine and Coastal boats for racing and training, rowing machines and other training equipment under the guidance of the Club Captain and the club coaches.
Rowing takes place on the sea in a sheltered bay which enables us to use river boats. Members are encouraged represent Torquay Rowing Club at both Fine Boat and Offshore Rowing regattas in the West of England and further afield.

The club also hosts the rowing events of the Torbay Royal Regatta and the coastal rowing Thatcher Rock 8k race.

The club isn't all rowing. Many formal and informal Social events are organised throughout the year from barbecues, rounders and bowling nights to the Crab Supper, Club Supper and the finest Christmas event in Torbay, the Holly Ball.
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